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My Latest Release: “Church Bells of Christmas”

Church Bells of Christmas

It was the night before Christmas as the sun began to set; the beautiful sights surrounding me gave cause to pause and collect.
The glistening lights of the Christmas tree and the town church gave off a warm and comforting glow, while the children of the town built their snowmen with great joy. Their laughter filled the air as I was taking in the scenery, and the serene night air.
The church bells began to toll as the last hints of the sun’s glow faded from view. All through the town, the chiming could be heard, signaling the final moments of this beautiful night which I had never wanted to end. As I captured this memory I recall thinking it was as if that final ringing was bringing all manner of people together to enjoy this gorgeous night.
A Merry Christmas to all!

~ Robert Finale

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