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My Latest Release: “Amalfi Coast”

Amalfi Coast

The Mediterranean coast holds the quaint little town of Amalfi, shimmering like a priceless jewel nestled above the ocean cliffs. This breathtaking village is brimming with life. One can find a colorful culture, inspiring art, and mouthwatering food sprinkled along the walkways.

The view causes anyone with an eye for beauty to pause; almost as if beckoning you to linger a moment, lie on the beach, and sip on an ice cold Limon cello, soaking up the sunlight and ambience surrounding you as you gaze at the glistening water.

This gorgeous, yet rugged stretch of coastline which makes its way from Salerno to Sorrento is a sight you will not soon forget. For me, whether by land or by sea, the Amalfi coast will burn in my heart forever.

~ Robert Finale

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