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My Latest Release: “Vernazza Sunset”

Vernazza Sunset

As I gaze at the cliff side towering over a field of a green cactus, an ancient village comes into view. It is the village of Vernazza, hugging the Mediterranean side of the coast of Italy like a mother to her child.
Looking over the horizon, I notice a breathtaking warm glow, as the sunset settles over the spectacle before me. As the sunlight retreats into the distance, the village lights start to blossom into a radiant beauty before me, enough to turn the village lagoon a beautiful emerald green.
The buildings bathed in the last traces of sunlight inspire me with a palette of vivid color that only seems possible in a gripping fantasy spun at a child’s bedside.
As this thought takes hold, I notice an array of fishing boats bringing their catches home to their eager families, before settling for the night.
As the church bells start to ring, I catch myself thinking of what new adventures await us in this gorgeous escape, making our way down the path to find our own share of the bounties of the sea.

~ Robert Finale

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