Spain, Costa Brava

On a brisk morning walk, a beautiful sunrise begins to warm my feet, as the refreshingly cool waves move to greet me.
Closing my eyes, I am inspired by the tranquil sounds of the Mediterranean beach. As the waves crash into the rocks nearby, I can hear the rustling of the palm trees in the wind.
I open my eyes to see a majestic, awe striking castle take shape in the distance.
It is the Castle de Sant Joan nestled high above the cliffs surrounded by the sea. This breathtaking vista inspires a palette which gently caresses my heart and soul, like lovers taking in the melody of some acoustic Spanish guitars during a romantic star lit dinner.
I recollect the feeling g of how truly blessed I am to be able to enjoy these beautiful sights and sounds of the Spanish coast. I invite you to come relive this moment with me, so that we can enjoy the beaches of Costa Brava, Spain together!

~ Robert Finale

“Spain, Costa Brava” comes in five sizes:


Original oil is Available

32″ x 48″ 5 E/E’s – Master Proof is available

28” x 42” 5 E/E’s – Master Proof is available

24” x 36” 10 A/P’s & 20 S/N – Master Proof is available

18” x 27” 7 A/P’s & 20 S/N – Master Proof is available

12” x 18” 7 A/P’s – Master Proof is available

Edition Total: 79

Location: Vernazza, Italy

Released: February 2017

Original Oil on Canvas Size: 24” x 36”

We urge all interested collectors to contact their local gallery as soon as possible as “Vernazza Sunset” is limited to 79 in the entire edition.

Spain-Costa-Brava-2-1 by Robert Finale Editions
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